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thermal cutoffs link fuse
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First, the design and operation of the principle of temperature fuse
    ● The temperature fuse has the function of detecting the temperature abnormality and cutting off the circuit.It can detect household or industrial electrical products, abnormal temperature and rapid temperature cut off the circuit in a timely manner,It may avoid the effects of fire in unburned.
    ● The temperature fuse has two types: axial lead wire and radial lead wire.
    ● Safety Certification: UL, CSA, VDE, BEBA, PSE, JET, CQC ... certificate, in line with EU ROHS environmental directive requirements.

Second, the application: temperature fuse on the following aspects to prevent overheating protection
Such as: household appliances (such as iron, coffee machine, rice cooker, toaster, toasters, refrigerators, etc.)
  Life-type appliances (such as air conditioning, fans, humidifiers, Diannuan Qi, etc.)
  Personal care appliances (such as hair dryer, curlers, hair trimmers, razors, etc.)
  Commercial appliances (photocopiers, laser printers, fax machines, power strip, etc.)
  Electrical components (such as transformers, solenoid valves, AC power adapter, etc.)

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