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SMD 0603 fast - blow fuse 1a fuse specifications_fusible

smd fuse 1a fuse specifications
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Product Details


Breaking Capacity  Material  Operating Temperature  Soldering conditions 
50 amperes at 32V DC  (250mA-5A)
Substrate  –  Ceramic/Glsdd Cover
Termination --  Sliver over-plated with nickel and tin
Element -- Silver
Wave solder:260℃,≤5S
Hand solder: 360℃,≤1S

Functional  Characteristics 

Amper Rating  Testing current  Blow Time 
Min Max
250mA~5A 100% 4 hour  -
250mA~5A 200% - 60s


Approvals (○ Pending ● Approvals )

Current Rating
Voltage Rating

Norminal Melting

250mA 32V D 0.0004  
375mA 32V E 0.0009  
500mA 32V F 0.002  
750mA 32V G 0.009  
1A 32V H 0.010
1.25A 32V J 0.013
1.5A 32V K 0.032
2A 32V N 0.049
2.5A 32V O 0.065
3A 32V P 0.07
3.5A 32V R 0.12
4A 32V S 0.24
5A 32V T 0.70

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