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Professional production Energy-saving lamps 3 * 10 small glass fuse tube _fusible

3 * 10 small glass fuse tube
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Product Description:
 (Limits for Pre-arcing Time)
 (% of Ampere Rating)  (opening Time)
100% 4 hours,minimum
200% 120 seconds,max

Product dimensions for the 3x10mm, 3mm for the glass tube diameter,10mm for the glass tube length,Both ends are mechanically soldered,Conventional leads at both ends of the 25mm,The total length of the pipe body is 60mm,The total length of the wire can be arbitrarily lengthened according to the needs of users.
额定电流 电流型号 额定电压 分断能力  Approvals
Rated Current Amp Code CodeVoltage Rating Breaking Capacity UL CSA PSE
500 mA 00500 125V/250V 35A/250V
1.00 A 01000 125V/250V 35A/250V
1.5 A 01500 125V/250V 35A/250V
2.00 A 02000 125V/250V 35A/250V
2.50 A 02500 125V/250V 35A/250V
3.00 A 03000 125V/250V 35A/250V
4.00 A 04000 125V/250V 35A/250V
5.00 A 05000 125V/250V 35A/250V
6.00 A 06000 125V/250V 35A/250V
small glass fuse tube

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