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Wire processing Lead wire fuse holder_फ्यूज ब्लॉक

引线式保险丝座 线材加工
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Dongguan City Ya Xun 15 years of professional electronic fuse production experience:
The fuse holder refers to a seat for mounting a fuse,
Fuse Block categories can be divided into:Panel Mount Fuseholders,PCB Mount Fuse Holder,Lead wire fuse holder,Rail fuse holder,And automotive fuse holder.

A fuse holder is a receptacle used to install a fuse.
Fuse Block categories can be divided into:Panel Mount Fuseholders,PCB Mount Fuse Holder,Lead-type fuse blocks and car fuse blocks;

Panel Mount Fuse Holder(Used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifier, DVD, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);
Lead wire fuse holder(Used for small appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness connection);
PCB fuse holder(Used for small appliances control panel) and fuse clips (used for small appliances control panel).

Panel mount car fuse holder(Used for automotive electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car refrigerator, car DVD, etc.) and car fuse clips.
Fuse holders are resistant to current, voltage,And fire rating requirements,Generally need to pass UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and the EU certification.

Current fuse according to the installation method:Can be divided into lead-type fuse box and circuit board fuse holder,
Instrument Panel Mount fuse holders, commonly used models(For the size of the fuse tube): 5 × 20mm fuse holder, 6 × 30mm fuse holder;

Fuse Holder

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