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small Emerson G7 series thermal fuse for dishwasher_Température fusible

Emerson G7 series thermal fuse
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The United States EMERSON Group's Therm-O-Disc Corporation (referred to as TOD) produced G7 series MICROTEMP® thermal fuse,Specifically designed for products that do not require high current loads but are designed to minimize their volume.G7 series thermal fuse volume is only 2/3 of ordinary thermal fuse,Rated load of 250VAC 5A, 24VDC 5A,Mainly used for a variety of transformers, motors, battery packs, electronic circuits and air conditioning compressors electromagnetic clutch.
Specific models are:
G7F01077C G7F51077C E7F01077C E7F51077C G7F01081C G7F51081C E7F01081C E7F51081C
 G7A01084C G7F51084C E7F01084C E7F51084C G7F01093C G7F51093C E7F01093C E7F51093C G7F01098C
 G7F51098C E7F01098C E7F51098CG7F01110C G7F51110C E7F01110C E7F51110C G7F01117C G7F51117C
 E7F01117C E7F51117C G7F01121C G7F51121C E7F01121C E7F51121C G7F01125C G7F51125C E7F01125C
 E7F51125C G7F01128C G7F51128C E7F01128C E7F51128C G7F01134C G7F51134C E7F01134C E7F51134C 
G7F01141C G7F51141C E7F01141C E7F51141C G7F01144C G7F51144C E7F01144C E7F51144C G7F01152C 
G7F51152C E7F01152C E7F51152C G7F01158C G7F51158C E7F01158C E7F51158C G7F01167C G7F51167C 
E7F01167C E7F51167C G7F01172C G7F51172C E7F01172C E7F51172C G7F01184C G7F51184C E7F01184C 
E7F51184C G7F01190C G7F51190C E7F01190C E7F51190C G7F01205C G7F51205C E7F01205C E7F51205C

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