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Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd  Is for electronics, electrical appliances supporting electronic components of the protection of large enterprise groups,Has now become the global electronics,Appliance industry supporting base.The company is located in the world factory in Guangdong,Geographical conditions, superiority,Factory beautiful environment,Traffic is convenient.

Company covers an area of 15000 m2,Plant construction area of 20000 m2,The number of employees 200 people,With import and export rights. Export sales company is:  HK YAXUN COMMERCIAL TRADE LIMITED.

The company after years of rapid development,Has a strong R & D technology,And the introduction of Japan, Germany and other international advanced production and testing of fuse equipment.The existing engineering research and development technical personnel more than 30 people,And the establishment of independent research and development laboratories.Has a sound research and development, production, sales and service system, the annual output of hundreds of millions of pieces.

Yaxun electronics in domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation,More than 200 kinds of different specifications of the electronic protection components(The company mainly produces and sells a full range of fuse, Temperature fuse, Car fuse, Fuse resistance, SMD fuse,  Resettable fuse, Miniature fuse, Fuse Holder,Car fuse box,Fuse clip),For electronics, electrical appliances enterprises choice. At the same time made Emerson, Tamura, NEC, LF and other brands of fuse agents,  At present, with many well-known domestic and foreign companies to establish a stable and good relations of cooperation, Products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries.

Yaxun electronic products are mainly used in military,Medical, human life, industrial automation, automotive, security, fire, home appliances,Communications and other areas of over-current protection.Yaxun electronic passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,TS16949 quality management system certification,

ISO14001 environmental management system certification,GB / T29490 intellectual property management system certification;For the AAA credit rating companies;A full range of automated production equipment,Improve the special test equipment.All our products have SGS test report,In line with EU environmental requirements,Products have passed CQC, VDE, CUL, UL, TUV, KC, CE, CB certification,reliable quality,High precision,stability.

At present our products have been replaced on many occasions EPCOS (EPCOS) Murata,Semitec,TDK, Vishay,LF and other foreign companies products,My company's product line with independent intellectual property rights core technology,With a number of national invention and utility model patents,A number of products have been identified as "high-tech products."

Company production of a high degree of automation, production, all varieties,Companies with unique technology and leading-edge technology,Products with high precision, high reliability,High stability and other prominent advantages,In the industry-leading level.Since its inception in 2001,Has established long-term cooperative relationship with many famous enterprises such as ACBEL, Galanz, Grea twall, Hisense, LG, Midea, Motorola, Neo-neon, Panasonic, Philips, ROHM, Skyworth, T &Currently working with Bestec, Canon, Chicony, DELL, Delta, Flextronics, Fuji Xerox, Haier, Huntkey, liteon, SHARP, TOSHIBA, etc.Establish the initial relationship.

The company's purpose:To the quality of survival,To the credibility of the market,Technology and development,To manage for efficiency;

Year  2015
Hong Kong Ya Xun Trading Company was formally established
Become Midea, Motorola, Neo-neon, Panasonic designated suppliers
ZTE became the designated supplier
Year 2014
Resettable fuse production line officially put into operation,And through UL, TUV, CE and other international certification
Officially became ACBEL, Galanz, Grea twall and other international enterprises designated suppliers
year 2013
Temperature fuse production line formally put into production
became an Emerson temperature fuse an agent
became Tamura temperature fuse an agent
year 2012
Received design patent certificate
For the ship to provide heavy industry,To meet the harsh environment of the application of waterproof fuse holder
Replace the LF as LG long-term fixed supplier
Become a designated supplier of Schneider
year 2011
Obtain utility model patent certificate
Become the Galanz designated supplier
Become CSR / CNR designated suppliers
Year 2009
Ya Xun access to GB / T29490 intellectual property management system certification;
In cooperation with China Railway Group,Provide large quantities of railway construction fuse and fuse holder
Year 2008
Yaxun through TS16949 quality management system certification
Become ACBEL designated supplier
Global trade sales was formally established
Year 2007
working with LF fuse to develop the domestic market,Become special forces designated supplier
Become Littelfuse Chinese agents
Year 2006
Through the ISO90000 certification
Investment and development of more than 100 sets of fuse blocks die,Fuse holder fully into production.
Year 2005
Our products through UL, VDE certification
Officially put into operation a full range of glass,Ceramic tube fuse production wire
Year 2001
Yaxun company was established, The company established "tailored, Complete supply, Fast delivery, Life-long service "slogan
Founded homegrown fuse raw material production base.


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