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Industrial fuses rated voltage & current

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Industrial fuses rated voltage & current

Industrial fuses the rated voltage to match the voltage of the grid,Current-limiting ceramic tube fuses are generally not recommended to reduce voltage,To avoid the melt cut off the current,The resulting overvoltage exceeds the 2.5 times the operating voltage allowed by the grid

1. General use of three-phase circuit fuse rated voltage according to the corresponding rated voltage selection:
For single-phase system fuses, the rated voltage is selected by 115% of the maximum phase voltage;

2. For three-phase neutral point insulation system or resonant grounding system,Due to the system may occur the so-called double ground fault,That is, a fault point on the power side and the other on the load side,And different phase, then the rated voltage of the fuse should be the highest line voltage selection;
3. For three-phase neutral point directly grounded or impedance neutral point grounding system,Select by the highest line voltage
4. Fuse The rated current of the fuse should be greater than or equal to the rated current of the melt:
5. The rated current of the fuse should be twice the long-term operating current of the load.

According to the protection of the fuse,The amount of large breaking current should not be less than the maximum short circuit current of the protected electrical circuit;The minimum fusing current should not be greater than the minimum short-circuit current of the protected circuit.

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