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Resettable fuse characteristic analysis

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Resettable fuse characteristic analysis

Resettable fuse,Is overcurrent / overheat protection of the components.Organic macromolecule polymer at a high pressure, high temperature, vulcanization reaction conditions,Added conductive particles doped material,Through a special process,Processing made.Resettable fuse main features:

1. Protection current:When the current is too large (greater than 1.5 times the set current) or a short circuit,Quickly limit the flow and protect the circuit.
2. Protection temperature:When the temperature is too high (greater than or equal to 80 degrees Celsius in accordance with settings),By limiting current flow indirectly automatic temperature control.
3. Temperature compensation function:Resettable fuse with positive temperature effect,Can be temperature compensation for the negative temperature effect of the product,
4. Current flow and continuous flow:When protecting current,Can not completely disconnect the current,There is still a small current through.
5. Anti-lightning, anti-surge current.
6. After the power failure and troubleshooting can automatically resume the normal state.
7. The recoverable fuse is a semiconductor intelligent protection element, belonging to the radial two-terminal passive device, no polarity.

Resettable fuse characteristic

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