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Fuse interference circuit design

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Fuse interference circuit design
Interference circuit:Interference disconnection is often caused by incomplete analysis of the designed circuit.All the factors listed in the Fuse Selection Guide,Special attention must be paid to the following three items:
Ie normal operating current, ambient temperature and overload increment.For example, one common cause of a conventional power-supply interference circuit is that the 2t rating of the fuse is not fully taken into account.The fuse can not be selected based on normal operating current and ambient temperature.
Under normal conditions of use,Fuse nominal melting heat I2t rating,Must meet the requirements of the fuse due to the various inrush currents generated by the power supply smoothing filter input electrical capacitance.In the "Fuse Selection Guide" gives the various waveforms converted to I2t circuit requirements of the waveform steps.
For safe and reliable,Life and long fuse protection,Good design practice is to choose the fuse,The I2t of the incoming current waveform is not greater than 20% of the rated fuse current I2t of the fuse.Refer to "Overload increments" in the Fuse Guide.
Fuse interference circuit design

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