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Fusing wire performance

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Fusing wire performance
Fusing wire performance: refers to the degree of rapid response in a variety of current loads.Fusing wire performance can usually be divided into three categories:Ultra fast break type, fast break type and slow type three.Slow cut type Fusing wire is characterized by:This type of Fusing wire design has additional thermal inertia to withstand the normal start of the overload current increment,And some add some solder balls.
Fusing wire structure:The coarse / fine of Fusing wire increases as the current increases.
size (Inches) diameter
(Inches) diameter
1 1/4  6.35 5/8 15.875
2 0.177 4.50 0.588 14.94
3 1/4 6.35 1 1/4  31.75
4 9/32 7.14 1 1/4  31.75
5 13/32 10.31 1 1/2  38.1
6 1/4 6.35 7/8 22.23
7 1/4 6.35 1 25.4
Fusing Rating: Also known as breaking capacity or short circuit rated capacity.The Fusing value of the fuse is the maximum permissible current that Fusing wire can actually fuse at rated voltage.When the short circuit, Fusing wire will pass several times through its normal operating current transient overload current.Safe operation requires the fuse to remain in full condition (no burst or break) and eliminate short circuit.The Fusing rating varies depending on the design of Fusing wire.
Fusing wire according to UL standard 198G, its Fusing rating must be 10,000 amps.
There are some exceptions,
These exceptions to the Fusing wire in many practical situations have greatly exceeded the possible short-circuit current safety indicators.

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