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Fuse holder Selection

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Fuse holder Selection

When designing the circuit,Choose a suitable fuse holder,Note the following parameters:Rated current,Rated voltage,Resistance, sustainable current,Product size, appearance, whether environmental protection,Certification, material, installation and so on.

   Common fuse holder classification: PCB board installation type,Panel mounting type,Electronic wire welding type.

    PCB board type fuse holder type is very much,The bottom of the fuse holder has several metal pins,We need to know the size of the metal pins on the bottom of the fuse holder.This allows you to determine the size of the mounting holes for the PCB.Insert the metal pins into the PCB,Metal pins may be fixed by welding.

PCB board type fuse holder
Panel mounted fuse holder,Usually with metal screws fixed on the PCB board.When selecting, you must understand the diameter of the thread,In the design of the panel, the design of the size of the screw hole.Panel Fuse Holder Installation Fuse,Some are hand-twisted nuts (such as R3-12, R3-13),Some are installed with a flat-blade screwdriver (R3-9, R3-11)Some with a Phillips screwdriver (R3-22, MF528)
Panel mounted fuse holder
Wire harness fuse holder,The appearance is similar to the tubular shell,Material is generally divided into bakelite, nylon, ABS.Inside the wire connection terminal plus a spring.Put a fuse in the middle.
Wire harness fuse holder

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