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Glass tube fuse current selection

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Glass tube fuse current selection

Fuse specifications,How it is represented?
Fuse specifications are expressed in rated current,The rated current of the fuse is equal to or slightly greater than the maximum,Electrical work current,Fuse is mainly used in household appliances,To prevent short circuit failure,According to the current of household appliances, select the fuse,Can be calculated as follows:Current = (power ÷ voltage) x 1.5,For example, electrical equipment current = 1 kilowatts ÷ 220V × 1.5 = 6.8A.

To determine the safety certification:According to the product will be the sale of the market requirements,Select the safety certification of the fuse tube standards:The US market is UL standard,The European market is the VED standard,China generally CQC certification.

Determine the dimensions: Depending on the installation space, select the dimensions of the fuse tube.
Glass tubular fuses, common in electronic products, conventional sizes are:Φ2.4 × 7, Φ3 × 7, Φ3.6 × 10, Φ4.5 × 15, Φ5.0 × 20, Φ5.16 × 20, Φ6 × 25, Φ6 × 30, Φ6 × 32,

Glass tube fuse

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