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Fuse Box Standard Description

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Fuse Box Standard Description

  The fuse box is mainly used to install the fuse.
Fuse box and its associated standards are classified as follows.
The main features of the fuse box are the following:
1, easy to install
2, waterproof
3, Fire protection
4, high temperature

 The relevant classification of fuse box mainly has the following:

1, lead fuse box

2, car fuse box

  We choose the fuse box when the first point is to see its size,Followed by the fuse box is in line with the installation of the fuse,As well as its current and voltage conditions.

Choose a different current fuse box,We need to calculate the type of wire,The lead must be able to withstand the rated current of the fuse.If the wire is too small,It will cause the wire to blow, causing failure.

Car fuse box

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