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Car fuses appearance classification

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Car fuses appearance classification
According to the shape can be divided into:
1, flat head tubular fuse (can be divided into internal welding fuse and external welding fuse).
2, pointed tubular fuse (6.35 × 30mm glass tube fuse,6.35 × 31.75mm glass tube fuse,10 × 38mm glass tube fuse.The rated current is 0.5-20 amperes (A) to 10 x 38 mm 20-80 A (A), rated voltage 32 V (V).

3, the fork bolt fuses (fuse small fork bolt, large fork bolt fuse.)
4, spiral fuse,
5, plug-in fuse (ultra-small slot fuse, trumpet car fuse, medium car fuse, large car fuse)
6, flat-panel fuse,
7, wrap the fuse.

Commonly used fuse specifications (lead not less than 98%, antimony 0.3 to 1.5%, impurity not more than 1.5%),Rated current from 1-40 amperes (A) to large 30-120 amperes (A),Rated voltage 32 V (V).

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