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Classification of automotive glass tube fuses

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Classification of automotive glass tube fuses

Glass tube car fuse can be divided into:
6.35 × 30mm glass tube fuse,
6.35 × 31.75mm glass tube fuse,
AGU car audio fuses: 10 × 38mm glass tube fuse,
Electroplating is divided into:Nickel,Copper,silver,Gold-plated.
6.35 × 30mm Rated current 0.5-20 amperes (A)
10 × 38mm 20-80 amps (A), rated voltage 32 volts (V).

Such as automotive power amplifier peak power is 700W / voltage 12V = 58.3A,
It is necessary to choose 60A fuse, or bigger!

Glass tube car fuseAGU car audio fuse

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