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thermal cutout fuse operating temperature test Methods

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thermal cutout fuse operating temperature test Methods

First, the test equipment list:

1, thermometer
2, silicone oil pool
3, stirrer
5, fixture
6, light-emitting diodes
7, current limiting resistor
8, heater

Two, thermal cutout fuse testing process:

 1, the sample two pins were connected to the fixture in the test equipment,Pass the detection current of about 10 mA (maximum no more than 100 mA)Use a light-emitting diode to indicate the detection of current on and off.
2, the silicone oil tank temperature first stable in the TF-10 ℃ (Silicone tank should be equipped with a stirrer to ensure uniform temperature,Heating heating rate can be controlled),The sample was then placed in a silicone oil pool,The thermometer probe should be close to the sample,
3, the silicone oil bath temperature controlled at a rate of 0.5-1 deg.] C per minute temperature rise,When the light emitting diode is extinguished,Write down the thermometer reading, Both the operating temperature of the sample.
4, if there is no oil pool test equipment,It can also be tested in a thermostat with a blower,But must pay attention to the thermometer probe close to the sample,In order to get accurate results.
 Temperature Fuse Operating Temperature Test Soy

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