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Thermal fuse Temperature sensing mode

文章出处:Fuses factory Author:Yaxun Electronics Popularity: Time:2017-04-29 11:45 【Big Middle Small
Thermal fuse Temperature sensing mode
Thermal fuse during installation, the temperature sensing There are two ways:

1, shell close to the heat source:
Through the shell will be the temperature conduction to Fusing wire,Due to the structural characteristics of alloy wire type thermal fuse(The shell is not in direct contact with the fusing alloy wire), The heat transfer rate of this installation is slower,There is a certain delay in the operation of the thermal fuse.

2, the pin close to the heat source or pin directly connected with the heat source:
Pin temperature sensing time,The pin of the thermal fuse is connected directly to the temperature sensor wire,So the installation of the heat transfer rate faster.But because the pin is not insulated,Need to be placed outside the pin with insulating sleeves.It is recommended that the customer select the casing is better heat transfer,At the same time the strong pressure of high temperature casing.

Thermal fuse Temperature sensing