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Ceramic and square thermal fuse

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Ceramic and square thermal fuse

Ceramic and square thermal fuse are easy to melt alloy wire products
Porcelain-type thermal fuse Features:
By axis symmetrical lead (Lead),Fusible alloy can be fusedAnd in order to prevent its melting, oxidation resin mixture (special compound)And an insulating porcelain tube (ceramic insulator) configuration.When the ambient temperature rises, the specific resin mixture begins to liquefy,When the melting point is reached,With the help of the resin mixture (increasing the surface tension of the melted alloy wire)Has been molten alloy wire in the role of the surface tension quickly to the ends of the two lines as the center shrink into a spherical,Thus permanently cutting off the circuit.
thermal fuse blown map
Square thermal fuse characteristics:
Thermal fuse between the two pins, connecting a section of fusible alloy wire,The fusible alloy wire is wrapped with a resin mixture,The current can flow from one pin to another,When the temperature around the thermal fuse rises to its operating temperature,Its fusible alloy melting and under the action of the surface tension and special resin to help,Shrink into a ball attached to the end of the two pins.In this way, the circuit is permanently cut off.

Alloy wire ceramic thermal fuse

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