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Application of Fuse and Cathode Protection Device

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Application of Fuse and Cathode Protection Device

Cathodic protection: In order to prevent the communication lines or equipment from being corroded,While the protected equipment to maintain a negative potential of the anti-corrosion measures.
Cathodic protection technology is a kind of electrochemical protection technology,The principle is to corrosion of metal structures on the surface of an applied current,The protected structure becomes a cathode,So that the metal migration of metal corrosion is suppressed,To avoid or weaken the occurrence of corrosion.
  Fuse tube trigger agility can be reduced in the same way the cathode.Yaxun electronic protection device of professional,Fuse tube because of relative impedance incandescent lamp,Voltage movement changes,They will not follow the curve of the exact use of the curve,The fuse of the cathodic protection device was tested,Use short pulses,This can lead to a short cable handling, reducing circuit functionality, weight, and material costs.It can create a low resistance path to reduce the bearing capacity under node obstruction voltage.After the occurrence of thermal out of control by local heating to melt the construction of discontinuous intersections.In addition, the test is accurate, the equipment is not damaged.
     Standby power supply, power suppression normal line voltage is an important choice of scale.The fuse peak current is replaced by a factor in determining the standby power supply reject,Standby power also depends on the characteristics of the device.
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