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small fuses series certification body

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small fuses series certification body

The security certification for small fuses series is different from other electronic components.It is not only need to carry out structural and material safety testing,As well as various performance tests, including electrical and mechanical properties.Small fuses series is a security component,Its quality is directly related to the safety of people and property.So countries on the small fuses series certification more stringent.
1, the global certification CB:CB-is the International Electrotechnical Commission electrical products qualified test,And the certification body (IECEE) established by the international certification system.It is an international system that recognizes test results between certification bodies and more than 40 member states.CB system abbreviation name means "Certification Bodies'Scheme" (certification body system).
2, the EU CE certification:CE - full name is (European Communities),All products marked with "CE" mark can be sold in the EU member countries,Without meeting the requirements of each Member State,Thus achieving the free circulation of goods within the EU member states.CE "logo is a safety certification mark,Is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market.

3, the United States / Canada UL / CUL certification:UL - is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.).UL safety test is the most authoritative in the United States,But also the world engaged in safety testing and identification of professional institutions.CUL: The CUL mark is the UL mark used for the circulation of products in the Canadian market.Products with such signs have been tested to comply with Canadian safety standards,These standards and the United States UL cited the standard is basically the same,Of course, there are differences in the standards of certain products.For example, there are two sets of standard for hand-held power tools: UL45 is only available in the United States.UL745-1 for the United States and Canada.The two standards are similar,All from the International Electrotechnical Commission.
IEC60745 - Handheld motor drive tool safety standard.CUL logo is widely used in household appliances, computer equipment,Ventilation equipment,Home security systems and other types of products.

4, Germany VDE certification:VDE - is the German national product logo,Meaning the German Electrical Engineers Association.VDE testing organizations and certification societies are testing products based on current European and international standards.(Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, referred to as VDE)

5, Canada CSA certification:CSA is the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association) referred to it was established in 1919,Is the first nonprofit organization in Canada to develop industry standards.In the North American market sales of electronic,Electrical appliances and other products need to obtain security certification.

6, Japan PSE certification / JET:Japan's DENTORL Act (Electrical Equipment and Materials Control Act)498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass safety certification.Among them, 165 kinds of A-type products should be made of diamond-shaped PSE logo,333 Class B products should be rounded PSE logo.
7, Germany TUV certification:TUV: German Rhine technical monitoring consultants company referred to,It is headquartered in Germany,Is specialized in testing electronic product safety research institutions,TUV test is based on IEC and VDE according to the safety regulations test regulations,Because its products must first obtain TUV safety certification,Can be sold in the European market.

8, South Korea KC certification:KC Mark Certification Products List (KC certified product catalog),According to the "South Korean electrical supplies safety management law" provides,Since January 1, 2009 from the electrical safety certification is divided into mandatory certification and self-discipline (voluntary) two kinds of certification.Mandatory certification means:All electronic products belonging to a mandatory product must be certified by KC Mark before they can be sold in the Korean market.Annual inspection and product sampling tests are required.
small fuses series