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Fuses Fusing wire Material

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Fuses Fusing Material

Fusing wire is the core of the fuse,Fusing after the cut off the role of current,Fuse wire with the same size fuse,Material to the same size to be the same,The resistance value should be as small as possible and consistent,The most important thing is the Fusing feature to be consistent,Current fuses are made of lead antimony alloy;
        What fuse is the Fusing wire of the fuse?I believe this is a lot of customers doubts the problem,The analysis is as follows: Fuse is a fusible wire,
When the current flows through the fuse conductor,Due to fuse there is a certain resistance,So the high current flows through the conductor,It will heat blow.

Lead antimony alloy resistance is relatively large,While the melting point is relatively low,This is the physical properties of lead-antimony alloys.
According to the thermal effect of current (Q = I ^ 2Rt)If the current is too large,Due to lead antimony alloy resistance,So the heat generated too much,Low-melting lead-antimony alloy will be broken,Thus protecting the circuit and electrical appliances.
     The fuse was originally made of lead-antimony alloy (melting point is generally 246 ℃),As the resistance is not high enough,Melting point is not low enough.Now very fuse also use silver copper alloy wire,But the cost of silver copper alloy wire is relatively high.
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