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UL913 certified ceramic fuse

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UL913 certified ceramic fuse
UL913 certified ceramic fuse,This is the first through the latest version of ul913 safety standard 300V fuse.
Use fuses that meet this safety (IS) certification,Is a protective element for electronic equipment operating in areas where there is a potentially explosive hazard. Ceramic series of fuses can prevent heat and spark contact with the equipment. It is suitable for electrical safety devices with voltages not exceeding 300Vrms.In addition to the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc standard, this series of fuses also meets ATEx and IECEx requirements.Similar to the 125V rated glass-UL913 series fuses that have been put into the market,Ceramic series fuses for testing, metering or processing of electronic / electrical equipment, motor controllers, lighting, handheld communication equipment, flow meters, process control and automation,Sensors and other essential safety equipment.
  These two series is currently the only UL913 certified ceramic fuse on the market.

  UL913 certified fuse: "explosive environment with ordinary fuses,Manufacturers need to seal or add a circuit board,To meet safety requirements.This brings additional steps to the operation,Increased the weight of the equipment and the amount of material used,Resulting in higher costs.Now with the introduction of ceramic series of fuses,Yaxun can provide 125V and 300V two UL913 standards in line with the choice,Very suitable for a variety of hazardous environments applications. "
  Ceramic fuses series have the following main advantages:
• By avoiding the use of additional seals,Reduce total cost
• Improved overall safety of the equipment,And thus the protection of personnel in hazardous areas is enhanced

Ceramic Fuses Wide current rating,Each of which is a sealed fuse,With 1500 amps high breaking capacity,The current rating is selected from 50 to 70 mA.It is designed for use in hazardous environments where flammable gases or dust are present in faulty circuits,Such as oil, gas, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and food / beverage processing.

Ceramic fuse

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