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What is the LED circuit protection element

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What is the LED circuit protection element
        White LED is a voltage-sensitive device,In the actual work is 20mA current for the ceiling,White LED light is divided into single crystal and polycrystalline two types.But often due to the use of various causes in the current increase,If you do not take protective measures,This increase in current over a certain period of time and amplitude after the white LED will be damaged.
White LED light source with the use of low-voltage power supply,Low energy consumption, strong applicability, high stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, the advantages of multi-color light,
       White LED damage caused by the main reasons are:
         1. Sudden increase in supply voltage.
          2. A short circuit of a component or other wire in the line to form a local short circuit of the white LED power supply path,So that the voltage of this place increased.

        3. A white LED because of their own quality damage and thus the formation of short circuit,Its original voltage is transferred to other LEDs.
         4. LED lighting is not good, the temperature is too high,So that the characteristics of LED deterioration.
        5. LED lights internal water, water is conductive.
          6. LED anti-static effect is not good,So that the internal LED has been static damage.But also easily lead to damage to the LED.

   LED lights of the circuit protection components,Is the basic guarantee for the normal use of LED,LED circuit protection element: PTC resettable fuse.
      Since the recovery fuse is also known as high polymer polymer temperature thermistor PTC,Is composed of organic polymer and conductive particles.After special sintering, the conductive particles form a chained conductive pathway in the organic polymer.When the normal operating current passes (or the component is at normal ambient temperature)PTC resettable fuse is low resistance state.
When there is an abnormal overcurrent in the LED circuit (or ambient temperature rise)PTC self-recovery fuse polymer rapid expansion, it will cut off the circuit,When the overcurrent in the LED circuit disappears,Polymer cooling, the resistance returned to normal,Which PPTC conductive particles and re-constitute the conductive path,The circuit is back to normal.
         In the normal working state self-recovery insurance fever is very small,In the abnormal working condition,It's very hot,Resistance is also great,
It also limits the current through it, which played a protective role.
    1, shunt protection. General LED lights have a lot of series slip.We can add a PTC element to each shunt,Different branches of the LED were protected.The benefits of this approach are high accuracy,The protection of the reliability is good.
   2, the overall protection.In front of all the circuit plus a PTC component,Protect the whole lamp.The benefits of this approach are simple, do not account for the volume, can be low cost
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LED circuit protection element PPTC design

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