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PTC resettable fuse protection LED three primary color point light source circuit

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PTC resettable fuse protection LED three primary color point light source circuit
         LED three-color point light source is widely used in outdoor light source,Using a DC power supply,LED has a long circuit,This circuit structure often problems,1, it is easy to be thunder and lightning invasion.2, the circuit instantaneous high pressure,Often damaged LED,This is a common problem of outdoor LED light source,When we design outdoor projects,Must design circuit overcurrent | overvoltage protection,In order to ensure long-term normal use of LED.
In the process of engineering design,We chose to use PTC self-recovery fuse and varistor protection LED circuit, PTC self-healing fuses have overcurrent protection.At the same time with self-recovery function,While the ordinary current fuse,Can only be used once,If the fuse, you need to manually replace the fuse,This is very inconvenient for outdoor engineering maintenance.Different types of PTC fuses corresponding to different power LED lights,Choose the right PTC fuse to maximize the performance of the product.
Yaxun PTC resettable fuse to meet the safety of LED circuit applications.But also for outdoor circuit engineering maintenance provides a security.
      Yaxun PTC resettable fuse also called million times the fuse or self-recovery over-current protection,Under normal circumstances,A Yaxun current PTC overload protection element is associated with a varistor.When the circuit has a high voltage surge,Varistor conduction protection,When the circuit current is abnormal,High current through PTC fuse,And the PTC fuse to maximize the resistance value,Instantly cut off protection,Protection LED will not be burned,When the power failure or failure disappears after the PTC fuse automatically resume work,Into a low-resistance normal working condition.
PTC resettable fuse circuit diagram

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