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Replacement of car chip fuses

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Replacement of car chip fuses

There are many electrical circuits in the car circuit connected by different colors of the wire,While the circuit in the car fuse is to protect the device current safety protection components.When the circuit current exceeds the rated current of the fuse will be in a few seconds when the fuse,Play the role of circuit protection.Commonly used in automotive circuit overcurrent protection,Car in the use of the process,If the car electrical equipment does not work,May be caused by the fuse burned, need to be replaced.

  Car chip fuse replacement method is:First turn off the car ignition switch,Open the fuse cover.Check the corresponding fuse of the equipment,And fuse current value.

● Do not replace your own car fuse Note:
1, according to different models to find the location of the fuse box.General fuse boxes are close to the battery.Carefully open the fuse box,Fuse box is usually equipped with spare fuse,And away from other fuses for differentiation.

2, with tweezers to pull out the fuse,And observe whether it is blown,If the fuse to replace the appropriate spare fuse can be.
3, according to the fuse box cover on the rated current value to replace the fuse,Do not use a fuse that is higher than the rated current;

4, if the new fuse and immediately fuse,It shows that the circuit system may be faulty,Should be repaired as soon as possible;

5, in the absence of spare fuse case.In case of emergency,You can remove the fuse on the equipment that has no effect on driving and safety;
6, if you can not find the same current load of the car fuse,You can use a smaller than the original fuse rated current fuse instead.

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