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Resettable fuse to protect the motor normal work

文章出处:Thermistor factory Author:雅迅电子 Popularity: Time:2017-02-11 15:30 【Big Middle Small
Resettable fuse to protect the motor normal work
   Why is the current motor easier to burn than ever before?
1>, due to the continuous development of insulation technology,In the design of the motor both to increase the output,But also to reduce the size of the motor,So that the new motor cooling capacity is getting smaller and smaller,Overload capacity is getting weaker;
2>, and then due to the improvement of production automation,Require the motor to run frequently in the frequent start, brake, forward and reverse and variable load and other means,The motor protection device put forward higher requirements.
3>, the application of the motor is wider,Often work in the environment is extremely bad occasions, such as wet, high temperature, dust, corrosion and other occasions.
The above situation, causing the current motor is more likely to be damaged than in the past,Especially the overload, short circuit, lack of phase, sweeping chamber and other failures occur frequency phenomenon.
      The role of motor overcurrent protector is to give the motor a comprehensive protection,In the motor overload, lack of phase, stall, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, three-phase imbalance, overheating, bearing wear,When the stator is eccentric,To be alarmed or protected.
       I produced the self-reset over-current protection in the protection of the circuit's advantages,Self-reset over-current protection, also known as self-recovery fuse or PPTC, million fuse,With over-temperature / over-current dual protection,Only need to be connected to the motor power line can be.When the motor stall, overheating, short circuit, overload, overvoltage. Motor current will be the motor normal working current several times,Usually at least 4 times to 5 times or more,Such a large current flows through the motor armature,Will cause the motor as a whole the temperature rises sharply,Resulting in a significant decline in electrical insulation properties,Finally causing the rotor or stator winding enameled wire insulation layer to melt,Causing the motor short-circuit burning and other dangerous phenomena.
Use PTC as a motor stall protector,As long as the test work current, stall when the current,Set the motor protection action time,Select the appropriate fuse model, in series with the motor,On it.When the motor current / temperature exceeds the set value,PTC will heat off the current,The motor will stop working,After the motor is released,PPTC self-recovery fuse automatically resume work,Is an ordinary one-time fuse and other insurance can not be compared.
       After the motor is normal,Automatically restored to a low resistance state to work properly.Since the resumption of fuse through years of application testing,Used in a variety of motors,For the normal work of various motors to provide protection.
PPTC motor overcurrent protector