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Yaxun current fuse Protection Supor Induction Cooker security grow

Yaxun current fuse Protection Supor Induction Cooker security grow
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Yaxun current fuse Protection Supor Induction Cooker security grow

Current fuse is to protect the electrical circuit safety of electronic components,It is a circuit installed in the electrical,To ensure the safe operation of the electronic circuit components.The role of the fuse is: When the circuit failure or abnormal,With the current rising,And the rise of the current may damage the circuit in some important devices or expensive devices,Also may burn the circuit or even cause a fire.
If the fuse is properly placed in the circuit,The fuse will be abnormal in the current rise to a certain height and a certain time,Its own fuse cut off current,Thus play the role of protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Supor China's leading small kitchen appliances brand,Is China's cooking industry's first listed company,Its production of cooking utensils and household electrical appliances sold in 41 countries and regions,Pressure cookers, frying pans, steamer for many years the domestic market share of the first;Rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, kettle market share also leapt to the industry's second leading position.
And these small appliances must be installed fuses,The quality of the fuse to protect the normal life of small appliances,But also affect the brand image of household electrical appliance enterprises,The current small household electrical appliance users to reflect the most easily blown fuse,Electrical appliances can not be used normally.Although the fuse is only a very small electronic accessories,But the protection of the normal use of electrical appliances in each household security.
Supor companies use a large amount of fuses,But also on the fuse quality requirements,I became the Supor suppliers,And successful cooperation with Supor more than 10 years,Is my company after multiple quality certification checks,And my company quality testing standards,Only the achievements of our confidence in cooperation.
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