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Yaxun Automotive Fuses become Toyota suppliers

Automotive Fuses become Toyota suppliers
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Yaxun Automotive Fuses become Toyota suppliers

Automotive fuses are the most common over-current protection components for automobiles,The safety of motor vehicles can not be separated from the credit of all kinds of fuses,In the automotive line of the various key points (or location),Generally will have such as plug-in or tubular,Pin-type, such as ceramics,Special insurance such as box-like junction box.Various types, each have their usefulness.The quality standards of the target vehicle,Whether the car fuse through a variety of safety certification, such as: CQC, UL, VDE certification.
Toyota has been using force special fuse,Because the delivery time,And services can not keep up,Toyota also try to find suppliers in China,In contact with my company,After my company on-site inspection,On my company's product certification examination,Finally test my company samples.And ultimately determine my company to become suppliers,Spent a total of 7 months.
Product quality to overcome all the tests,My company's products successfully entered the list of multinational companies accessories,This is the efforts of all employees.Also our products to enter the international market to open the door.

Customer Testimonials:Yaxun car fuse for the car escort.Product quality is the secret of the success of Accelink.

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