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Yaxun automotive fuse holder accepted by many car manufacturers

Yaxun automotive fuse holder
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Yaxun automotive fuse holder accepted by many car manufacturers

Fuse fuse holder as accessory products,When the fuse blows,Replace it with a new fuse insert the fuse holder,Equipment can be used normally,The current fuse blocks a wide range of large-scale equipment and electrical appliances,In particular, auto fuse holders are widely used in automobiles,Car fuse holder (used for automotive electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car refrigerator, car DVD, etc.) and car fuse clips.Fuse holders are resistant to current, voltage,And fire rating requirements,Generally need to pass UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and the EU certification.
In the long-term product application,The life of the fuse holder will exceed the car use of time,So as to ensure the long-term normal operation of the car.I have one of the company's automotive fuse and fuse the seat of the production and marketing platform,Can meet the requirements of all automotive products,Product quality can also be monitored from raw materials to delivery throughout.To 100 percent of the meticulous, a hundred percent of the fine,To solve all the worries of customers.
I am a lot of companies to accept the insurance company car,Become: "Volkswagen, Honda, Audi, Dongfeng Motor," and other brands of automotive companies suppliers.
automotive fuse holder

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