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Lithium battery PPTC resettable fuse circuit protection application

Lithium battery PPTC resettable fuse
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 Lithium battery PPTC resettable fuse circuit protection application

     Lithium batteries, also known as polymer batteries,With a unit volume of electrical energy capacity,Current density,Conversion efficiency,Can be fast charging,Small size, light weight and other unique advantages.Widely used in a variety of portable devices,Mobile devices.But also in medical devices, industry, agriculture, national defense, transport and other fields are gradually be promoted.
        But the practical application of lithium battery is very fragile,On overcharge, over discharge,High temperature environment is very sensitive.Lithium batteries are essential for people's lives,Lithium battery safety is also the focus of attention,Often see a variety of battery explosion when the news,To human life a great danger.Lithium battery in the charge and discharge current is too large or external short circuit,Internal heat may damage the battery or burn other components,Seriously shortening the cycle life of the battery;
   Lithium batteries must be designed for battery management circuits,Although circuit protection is generally considered to be reliable,But when the electrostatic discharge voltage is too high or over-temperature may damage the protection IC or MOS-FET,And in the short circuit will occur when the integrated circuit oscillation,At the same time most of the IC + MOS-FET circuit on the charge,Discharge over-current detection is indirect,And can not guarantee that all the work in the battery state will provide over-current protection,The reliability of the protection is also reduced.
Lithium resettable fuse circuit diagram
    PPTC resettable fuse appears a good solution to this problem,PPTC can be on the circuit over-current, overheating, short circuit, over-discharge protection.  Polymer resettable fuse called self-resetting overload protection or self-resetting fuse,Single component to complete over-current, overheating, short circuit protection,Through the IC to monitor the voltage across the battery and discharge current to control the FET turn-on or turn-off,To prevent overcharge, short circuit, over discharge and other failures.The management and protection circuits are typically protected by a dedicated integrated IC and a PPTC self-healing fuse.If there is no over-current, over-temperature, short circuit protection, etc.,The battery may be a variety of failures,PPTC on the battery charge and discharge parameters of the state to monitor,To ensure battery life and performance,So that the battery and external equipment from damage.

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