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Fast break|Slow break fuse difference[2017-03-21 12:48:34]
Divided into fast break and slow break fuse,The main difference between these two types of fuses is the ability to resist pulsed current.
Fuse rated voltage[2017-03-19 23:01:43]
Rated voltage refers to the electrical equipment for a long time the normal work of the best voltage,
PPTC resettable fuse appearance structure[2017-03-17 16:41:17]
Since the resumption of fuses according to the material can be divided into two kinds of polymer polymer PPTC and CPTC ceramic resettable fuse two kinds
SMD Fuse Selection Considerations[2017-03-15 17:56:19]
The operating current through the fuse should not exceed 75% of the rated current of the fuse.
Fuses Fusing wire Material[2017-03-11 21:41:16]
Current fuses are made of lead antimony alloy;
Polymer PPTC resettable fuse life[2017-03-09 19:23:02]
resettable fuse life
UL913 certified ceramic fuse[2017-03-07 18:59:22]
UL913 certified fuse: "explosive environment with ordinary fuses,Manufacturers need to seal or add a circuit board,To meet safety requirements.
The development trend of the fuse[2017-03-05 18:57:16]
Fuse development trend: Fuse miniaturization; self-resetting function; fuse resistance function;
PPTC resettable fuse Thermal expansion and contraction characteristics[2017-03-05 18:19:43]
PPTC resettable fuse work is characterized by:Since the recovery of the fuse in the normal working environment,The polymeric resin tightly binds the conductive particles to the crystalline structure,Constitute a chain-like conductive path,At
What is the LED circuit protection element[2017-03-02 23:43:15]
LED circuit protection element: PTC resettable fuse.
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