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Thermal fuse can replace the current fuse ?[2017-04-20 21:46:33]
Fuse (fuse) is also known as the current fuse,Is overcurrent protection element.
Organic matter Thermal Fuse[2017-04-17 21:03:54]
Organic matter Thermal Fuse (Metal Case) Organic thermal fuse work process: Thermal fuses can sense electrical appliances, electronic products arising from the abnormal operation of the overheating, Thereby cutting off the circuit to avoid
what is filler High voltage fuses[2017-04-15 18:16:39]
High-voltage fuses are also known as filler high-voltage fuses,
What is ceramic fuse?[2017-04-06 21:38:47]
The melt of the ceramic fuse is connected in series with the protected circuit,When the circuit is working properly,The melt is allowed to pass through a certain size of the current without blown.
What is fuse resistance?[2017-03-29 21:32:07]
fuse resistance under normal circumstances with the function of ordinary resistance,Once the circuit fails,When the rated power is exceeded,It will break the circuit within the specified time
What is miniature fuse[2017-03-29 21:11:56]
The product can be divided into miniature fuses and cylindrical miniature fuses according to the shape
What is resettable fuse[2017-03-25 23:51:22]
Resettable fuse is polymer over-current electronic protection element,Can be repeated many times
What is the Thermal fuse[2017-03-23 23:49:11]
Temperature fuse is also called thermal fuse (GB GB1616.1-2013),Is overheating Fusing fuses
Fast break|Slow break fuse difference[2017-03-21 12:48:34]
Divided into fast break and slow break fuse,The main difference between these two types of fuses is the ability to resist pulsed current.
Fuse rated voltage[2017-03-19 23:01:43]
Rated voltage refers to the electrical equipment for a long time the normal work of the best voltage,
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