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tube fuse holder Function Description

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tube fuse holder Function Description

Tube fuse holder can be divided into spiral and buckle.Wire is generally electronic wire,There are national standard and non-standard. The wire consists of conductor, insulation, shielding and protective layer of four parts.Different specifications of the wire matching different fuse current,The greater the current,The thicker the wire is used.
The main features of the wire are:Variety specifications,The use of voltage in the 1kV and below more,Special occasions continue to derive new products,Such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables,Low smoke zero halogen / low smoke low halogen cable,Anti-termite, anti-mouse cable,Oil / cold / temperature / wear-resistant wire, thin-walled wire.
Tube fuse holder The color of the shell is generally divided into three types:White, black, yellow.

Tube fuse holder Material is generally divided into:Nylon, ABS, bakelite.Nylon flame retardant body.ABS easy to process good color.Bakelite can fire.

Size generally divided into: 5MM * 20MM, 6MM * 30MM, 10MM * 38MM.
Rated voltage: 250V (depending on material decision)
Rated current: 5A`10A (depending on material determination)
Internal installation accessories are: wire connection terminals, springs, fuse tube.

Tube fuse holder

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