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Fuse online selection

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Fuse online selection
Fuse online generally in accordance with the loop current to determine the fuse model:
Product circuit current,Is a constant current,Then the use of quick-blow type.Selection Rated voltage:Depending on the input voltage of the protected product circuit and the application requirements,Determine the rated voltage of the fuse tube.
For example, the input voltage of the protected circuit is 220V,You should use the rated voltage 220V or more fuse tube,Optional 250V, 300V, 350V, etc .; consider the cost elements,No need to use too high rated voltage.
Determine the minimum rated current:According to the steady-state operating current of the protected circuit and the relevant damage coefficient,Determine the rated current of the fuse tube.For example, the protected circuit has a steady operating current of 1A,Use UL standard delay fuse tube,Working environment temperature of about 80 ℃,Then the rated current of the fuse tube is selected: 1A × 1.25 ÷ 0.5 = 2.5A.

Determine the minimum I2T of the fuse tube:
According to the surge of the protected circuit I2T,Determine the fuse tube I2T.

For example, the surge circuit I2T is 1 (A2S),To ensure that the fuse tube can withstand more than 100,000 times the impact,The fuse tube I2T should be greater than: 1 ÷ 0.2 = 5 (A2S).Determine the rated current of the fuse tube:According to the minimum rated current and the minimum I2T value,Check the product catalog corresponding model specifications,For example, based on the above minimum,Such as the rated current of 2.5A I2T is 4.3A2S,3A I2T is 5.4A2S,Then take 3A as the optional fuse

Fuse online

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