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Car fuse box description

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Car fuse box description
We often use the vehicle,Occasionally found headlights do not light or cigarette lighter and other failures,We should first suspect that the fuse is damaged,Fuse box located in a different position of the vehicle,The appearance of a small black plastic box,Open the plastic cover,The back of the fuse marked with the function and the number of amps.
 As the car has a lot of parts and electronic equipment,And each device will install the car fuse,So in order to facilitate future maintenance,The designer put the car fuse are concentrated in a place,And this place is called a fuse box.

  General a car has two safes,One in the engine compartment,Responsible for the installation of automotive external appliances appliances car fuse,Such as engine control unit, speakers, glass washer, ABS, headlamps, etc .;The other on the left side of the driver,Management Electrical appliances inside the car,Such as window lifts, airbags, electric seats, cigarette lighter and so on.

Car fuse box

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