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car fuse manufacturers standard

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car fuse manufacturers standard
      Looking for car fuse manufacturers,First of all we have to understand the concept of car fuses,In fact, in our national standard, said fuse.The role of car fuses is to protect the circuit (line) and the safety of the car.When the circuit is abnormal, the current is too large or the power is shorted,Requires the fuse to disconnect the circuit quickly from the power supply,Does not cause other components or equipment to burn.Into a fire,The user's property, personal safety has serious adverse consequences.So the car fuse to ensure the safety has a pivotal role.
      Again is our car fuse is also part of the automotive parts and components,State requirements on this is still very strict,Car fuse manufacturers must meet the TS16949 automotive system certification.When doing product safety certification (such as UL, CSA, CUL, TUV ...)We must adopt the internationally recognized certification body has been recognized products,Must not do big fuss,And the use of quality and low price of inferior products,So, will give you the product to bring security risks,Once the fire, the consequences will be disastrous.
Car fuse manufacturers

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