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Thermal fuse can replace the current fuse ?

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Thermal fuse can replace the current fuse?

Answer: No.
Fuse (fuse) is also known as the current fuse,Is overcurrent protection element.

IEC127 standard defines it as a "fuse-link"Key parts (fuse wire) is large specific resistance,And low melting point made of silver and copper alloy.The fuse will rise in the current to a certain height and a certain degree of heat,Its own fuse cut off the current,Thus playing the role of safe operation of the protection circuit.
current fuse
Thermal fuses are also known as thermal fuses (GB GB1616.1-2013),Is a thermal protection element.Thermal fuses can sense electrical appliances in the abnormal operation of electronic products overheating,Thereby cutting off the circuit to avoid the occurrence of fire,Is a temperature sensing circuit cutting device.

Thermal fuses are divided into:Organic-type thermal fuses, Fusible alloy wire thermal fuses

But these two products have their own current characteristics,Please follow the product's rated current, rated voltage requirementsThey are disposable protective elements,After the fusing can no longer use.

thermal fuse