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Organic matter Thermal Fuse

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Organic matter Thermal Fuse (Metal Case)
Organic thermal fuse work process:
Thermal fuses can sense electrical appliances, electronic products arising from the abnormal operation of the overheating,Thereby cutting off the circuit to avoid the occurrence of fire.When the product is working properly, the current flows from the left lead the movable contact (sliding contact),Through the metal shell to the right side of the line flow.When the external temperature reaches a predetermined temperature, the organic matter melts,The compression spring will become loose.That is, spring expansion,The movable contact is separated from the left lead.The circuit is opened,The current between the sliding contact and the left lead is cut off

Thermal fuse product structure:
1. A pin,
2. Sealing resin,
3. Insulating ceramics,
4. fine spring,
5. Star-shaped reed,
6. coarse spring,
7. Wafer,
8. Temperature block,
9. Shell,
10.B pin.

Organic matter Thermal fuse product structure

Organic thermal fuses should be noted in the installation of the following points:
1, each of the thermal fuse has its rated electrical and temperature parameters,The application shall be such that it is within the specified range of rated parameters.These parameters include Tf (rated operating temperature),Th or Tc (hold temperature),Tm (limit temperature) and rated current, voltage.
2, the installation design should pay attention to:Thermal fuse of the long-term continuous working ambient temperature,Do not exceed their maintain temperature.

3, the temperature of the thermal fuse itself due to current caused by their own fever,Thus higher than ambient temperature.According to the installation method and status,The rising temperature may be higher,In the design, with thermocouple thermal fuse model temperature measurement,Select the appropriate rated temperature specification and installation location.
4, the thermal fuse is a non-resettable device,For safety reasons,In the replacement of the temperature fuse, please use the same type of temperature fuse,Installed in the same location.

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