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what is filler High voltage fuses

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what is filler High voltage fuses
Fuse is the most simple electrical protection equipment,It is used to protect electrical equipment from overload and short circuit current damage;According to the installation conditions and use of different types of high-voltage fuses such as:Outdoor drop-out/ House type,For some special equipment, high-voltage fuses should be selected special series (RN2, RN5, RN6 and RXNM1-6, RXNT1-10);We often say that the fuse is the fuse class.
High-voltage fuses are also known as filler high-voltage fuses,Its structure is insulated paper tube,Both ends welded with brass cover,Brass cap welded on the end portion of the cover tube,Melting fuse constituting the sealing tube.The ceramic core is wound around the blown fuse and indicates the melt,Both ends of the melt welded to the tube cover,The tube is filled with quartz sand and then welded to the tube cover.
Figure 1 series of high-voltage fuses
High voltage fuses

1-brass ring; 2-insulated paper tube; 3-brass cap; 4-Slotting tool; 5-melt; 6-specialty washer;

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