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What is ceramic fuse?

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What is ceramic fuse?
The melt of the ceramic fuse is connected in series with the protected circuit,When the circuit is working properly,The melt is allowed to pass through a certain size of the current without blown.When the circuit is short-circuited or seriously overloaded,The melt flows through a large fault current,When the heat generated by the current causes the melt temperature to rise to the melting point,Melt blows and cuts off the circuit,So as to achieve the purpose of protection.Ceramic fuses are widely used in high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems and electrical equipment,As a protector for short circuit and overcurrent,Is one of the most common protection of the application.

Intrinsic characteristics:
The operation of the ceramic fuse is achieved by the melt of the melt,Ceramic fuses have a very obvious feature, is the safety characteristics of seconds.For the melt,Its operating current and operating time characteristics that fuse the safety characteristics of the second,Also known as anti-delay characteristics,That is: the overload current is small, the fuse time is long;When the overload current is large, the fusing time is short.

Many types of ceramic fuses, according to the structure can be divided into plug-in fuse,
Spiral fuses,
Closed tube fuses,
Fast fuses,
Since the complex fuse and so on.

(A) Spiral fuses
(B) cylindrical cap fuses
(C) Bolt connection fuse

Fuse shape as shown below.
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Ceramic fuses

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