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What is miniature fuse

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What is miniature fuse
Miniature fuse is a kind of current fuse,When the current flows through the miniature fuse conductor,Due to lead-tin alloy wire there is a certain resistance,So the conductor will heat up.Fuse itself to cut off the circuit to protect the circuit.

We often see is the glass tube fuse and car chip fuse and so on.As a protective element for electronic equipment,Glass tube fuses are used for a long time,But because of its large size, easy to break, can not be automated installation and other shortcomings,therefore,Micro-fuse demand is growing.The traditional fuse is generally used to protect the power input part of the main purpose.Now the situation has undergone some changes,Fuses derive many new uses,Such as the protection of the internal PCB and IC, the protection of the input and output circuits,This also increases the use of miniature fuses.Micro-fuse with small size, high sensitivity, rapid protection and so on.Commonly used in switching power supply, charger, small appliances on the control panel.
Technical guide: "What is fuse ?"
The product can be divided into miniature fuses and cylindrical miniature fuses according to the shape, the dimensions are: (square) 8 * 8 * 4mm, 8.5 * 8 * 4mm; (cylindrical) 8.5 * 8mm.
Green resistive fuse, size: 2.4 * 7
Current range from 50mA to 6.3A 125V / 250V ;;
Models are: AR5 \ AP5 \ AMF \ AF \ 372 \ 382 \ 370 \ 392 \ 2000 \ 2010 \ MEF \ MET \ MSF \ MST, etc.

Cylindrical fuse                                                                                    square fuse                                                    
Cylindrical fusesquare fuse
Resistor type fuse
Resistor type fuse

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