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What is fuse resistance?

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What is fuse resistance?
Wound fuse resistance under normal circumstances with the function of ordinary resistance,Once the circuit fails,When the rated power is exceeded,It will break the circuit within the specified time,So as to achieve the protection of other components of the role.Mainly used in the power circuit output and secondary power supply output circuit.The resistance of the fuse resistance is generally small,Most of less than 1 ohm, low power (1/8 ~ 1W) for more,Its function is in the flow when the timely fuse,Protect other components in the circuit from damage.
Wound wire fuse resistor due to the use of two functions so the cost is reduced.Fuse resistance can be divided into:Metal film fuse resistors,Fuse-type wire-wound resistors,Fuse type cement resistors.Power are: 1 / 4W, 1 / 2W, 1W, 2W several,With the increase in power,Product appearance size will continue to grow.
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fuse resistance

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