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Polymer PPTC resettable fuse life

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Polymer PPTC resettable fuse life

Since the recovery fuse according to the material can be divided into polymer polymer PPTC and ceramic CPTC two kinds of self-recovery fuse,Polymer PPTC self-recovery fuse,Also known as million times the fuse,Is a resettable fuse.
     resettable fuse is a over-current | overheating electronic protection components,When the circuit occurs short circuit or overload,The heat generated by the high current flowing through the resettable fuse causes the polymeric resin to melt,Rapid growth in volume,Forming a high resistance state (b),The working current will be rapidly reduced,Thus limiting and protecting the circuit,The appliance will stop working.When troubleshooting,resettable fuse re-cooling crystallization,Volume shrinkage,Conductive particles re-formed conductive path,resettable fuse to return to low resistance state,Thus completing the protection of the circuit,The appliance does not need to be replaced again.

Many customers will often ask the resettable fuse working life:
      Each polymer PPTC thermistor has its rated operating voltage,Working current and protection current.Yaxun Electronics in order to obtain UL certification,Since the recovery fuse fuse off the number of protection must reach 6000 times,And maintain the PPTC characteristic value unchanged.For PPTCs used in communications equipment (switches, training rack security units, etc.)Will specifically specify the product life.

Resettable fuse
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