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The development trend of the fuse

文章出处:fuse factory Author:Yaxun Electronics Popularity: Time:2017-03-05 18:57 【Big Middle Small
The development trend of the fuse
With the development of the times,Electronics, electrical development of a wide variety,To facilitate the needs of human life,There will be more and more new appliances come out, innovation.China's electronics, electrical industry will remain higher than the global average growth rate.Electrical appliances widely used, but also to the electrical seat belt more requirements,But also to promote the rapid development of the fuse,Fuse as a key component of electrical and electronic protection devices,Its market demand will continue to exist and continue to grow,The market has more requirements for the function of the fuse.
Many current fuse manufacturing enterprises after years of technological development,Began to get involved in other types of current protection components,And gradually form a wide range of fuse classification,Diversified development led to over-current, overvoltage protection components such as the advent of new products.
Fuse development trend:
Fuse miniaturization; self-resetting function; fuse resistance function;

    With the diversification of electronic product development,The circuit also made many new protection requirements,Which will continue to appear many new or new protective features of the fuse varieties,(6V, 16V, 30V, 60V, 130V, 250V, 600V), small size, SMD, high voltage, high voltage,automatic reset function, voltage diversification (6V, 16V, 30V, 60V, 130V, 250V, 600V) And so on,
       As the electronics industry continues to develop,Especially the development of microelectronics and digital electronics,On the circuit protection made many new topics, such as electrostatic protection,Lightning protection, electromagnetic interference protection, temperature compensation, temperature sensing, temperature control and so on.The development of small fuses also requires more miniaturization,Surface mount, lead-free, multi-function or multi-loop integrated, etc.,Some fuses manufacturers are preparing to develop circuit protection components or circuit protection modules with intelligent functions,Thus creating a small fuse update era.
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