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SMD PPTC Resettable fuse are used in the HDMI 1.3 interface

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SMD PPTC Resettable fuse are used in the HDMI 1.3 interface
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital video / audio interface technology,Is suitable for image transmission dedicated digital interface,Which can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals,The maximum data transfer rate is 4.5GB / s
         HDMI1.3 interface standard to the previous HDMI data transfer speed has doubled,The data transfer rate of each pair of differential signal lines reaches 3.4Gbps.
     As the data transfer speed is high, for the transmission quality of the signal,The excellent design of the circuit board is extremely important.At 3.4 Gbps, the impedance (TDR),Data eye and remote crosstalk,High-speed interface HDMI1.3 design specifications have their own requirements.
          According to the HDMI standard,HDMI (19 pins) of the 18th pin for the 5V power supply,This 5V is the source (output source) to the Sink (receiver) to provide current,Standard requirements: Source can provide 55mA of current,Sink can absorb up to 50mA current (Sink can work up to 10mA current).
   In the HDMI design,To the signal quality and crosstalk aspects of the performance are the best,Is very complicated, and increase the ESD,Overcurrent detection and protection of the circuit is to increase the design of the difficulty.
   To protect the HDKI's circuit safety,We designed the circuit overcurrent | over temperature protection components,Ya Xun electronic PTC and two-way voltage protection components TVS with,Complete the HDMI1.3 interface overcurrent | overvoltage protection,Passed the test,Air electrostatic discharge is ± 15kV,Contact test to 8v requirements,It exceeds the HDMI1.3 standard requirements,In the use of HDMI signal source,
Such as DVD players, set-top boxes, computers, and other high-definition sources,The specification requires that the supply voltage of the transmitter interface be protected from overcurrent,To prevent short circuits or abnormal high currents that cause damage to these signal-generating devices.
TVS bidirectional protection devices with a response speed of PS are placed behind the HDMI connector,Can help engineers meet the IEC61000-4-2 standard on ESD protection.

Yaxun Electronics SMD PTC resettable fuse,1812/1210/1206 series applies to + 5V power supply over-current protection,Widely used in HDMI products, current protection,To solve the current protection of micro-current products,The above scheme can also be used for a variety of end products,Including DisplayPort, USBPort, WiMAX and mobile phone base stations, Esata, and other high-speed data and analog interfaces.
HDMI circuit protection design

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