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How to choose the fuse holder

文章出处:Fuse holder manufacturers Author:Yaxun Electronics Popularity: Time:2017-02-21 22:08 【Big Middle Small
How to choose the fuse holder
Fuse seat after years of rapid development,Manufacturers for customers to develop different installation of the fuse holder,Currently on the market fuse box fashionable, a wide range.Different installation of the fuse holder,Also need customers in accordance with the needs of the product,Choose the right choice fuse holder.

 Electrical circuit design requirements:
When designing a product,First consider several key elements of electrical appliances:
1, rated current,
2, rated voltage,
3, resistance,
4, waterproof requirements.
5, replace the fuse position
6, the size of the product installation options
Including the appearance of the fuse,Environmental protection, certification, materials, installation methods.

  The current market circulation is probably divided into the following categories:Panel mount fuse holder,PCB mounting fuse holder,Lead fuse holder,Rail fuse holder.
  PCB fuse holder (used for small appliances control board),PCB board installation type of product and model is also very much, Generally at the bottom of the seat there are several metal pieces,We call it plugin,In the choice of the need to understand the bottom of the seat between the metal sheet position.This makes it easier to determine how many holes are needed on the board.After inserting the metal sheet into the PCB,Can be fixed on the PCB board,In order to be more fixed,Fuse holder pin solder is fixed on PCB board.

Panel installation fuse holder (used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifier, DVD, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);Panel-mounted fuse holders generally have metal screws for mounting in the panel.So then the choice must also have the diameter of the thread,In the design of the panel when you can fix the fuse holder.Open the panel fuse holder,Some of the nuts are screwed (such as R3-12, R3-13, R3-21)Some are installed with a flat-blade screwdriver (R3-9, R3-11, R3-18)There are also Phillips screwdriver mounting (R3-22, MF528, R3-45)
Lead-type fuse holder (used for small appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness, car wiring harness),Electronic wire welding process is relatively simple,Outside is a similar tubular shell,Material is generally divided into bakelite, nylon, ABS.2 end of the wire connection terminal plus a spring.Put a fuse in the middle.
Panel mount fuse holder