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Why does the fuse require safety certification

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Why does the fuse require safety certification?
Fuse safety certification:Fuse is a safety element,It belongs to the "mandatory certification system products"Its quality is directly related to the safety of people and property. Governments to protect consumers' personal safety and national security,Strengthen product quality management,In accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system.
     UL, CSA standards: the United States, Canada and other North American security standards;The fuse standard is UL248-1 / 14, CSA248-1 / 14.
     Fuse Safety Mark:
       --- UL / CSA LIST (column name mark),Completely in accordance with UL / CSA248-1 / 14 standard test certification through the product safety signs.

    --- UL / CSA RECOGNIZED (approved mark),Part in accordance with UL / CSA248-1 / 14 standard test certification through the product safety signs.
      --- UL test passed, CSA mutual recognition of the column name / recognized safety signs
       JIS standard: Japan electrical safety standards. Current fuse standard JIS C6575.

National fuse safety certification body code:

Australia: DVE
Finland: FI
Denmark: DEMKO
Philharmonic: IE
Germany: VDE
Switzerland: SEV
Norway: NEMKO
Belgium: CEB
Sweden: SEMKO
France: UTE
Italy: IMQ
China: CCC
Austria: OVE
Canada: CSA (CSA248-1 / 14)
Spain: AEE
Greece: ELOT
Israel: SII
Japan: PSE (standard JIS C6575)
Netherlands: KEMA
  India: BSI
Singapore: SISIR
Hungary: MEEI
United States: UL (Underwriters Laboratories) UL / CSA248-1 / 14 standards
                MET (laboratory company)
                ETL (test lab company)
The main safety certification mark UL, UR, CSA, VDE, SEMKO, BSE, CCEE, MITI (Japan) and so on.

Fuse as a safety element must be certified by the agency concerned,To produce, sell and use.Many countries and regions have their own certification requirements of the fuse,With current products must pass safety certification,And has a corresponding mark of the product,To allow access to the country's market sales.
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