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Fuse holder classification

文章出处:Fuse holder manufacturers Author:Yaxun Electronics Popularity: Time:2017-02-07 11:03 【Big Middle Small
The fuse holder refers to a seat for mounting a fuse,Fuse holder installation can be divided into:Panel Mount Fuseholders,PCB Mount Fuse Holder,Lead-type fuse blocks and car fuse blocks;
Automotive fuse holder can be divided into lead-type car fuse holder(Multi-purpose automotive and industrial machinery wiring harness);Panel mount car fuse holder(Used for automotive electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car refrigerator, car DVD, etc.) and car fuse clips.
By the installation of fuse classification,Can be divided into insurance and insurance base Block Block;
By material classification,Can be divided into plastic fuse holder,Bakelite fuse blocks;
According to environmental classification,Can be divided into environmentally friendly fuse holder,Non-environmentally friendly fuse holder;
Sort by installation method:Can be divided into lead-type fuse box and circuit board fuse holder,Fuse holders for instrument panel mounting;
Commonly used models are (for the size of the fuse tube): 5 × 20mm fuse holder, 6 × 32mm fuse holder;

Car Fuse Holder Available (For Slice Type):Small insert fuse holder, Medium Insert Fuse Holder,Large insert Fuse holder,Eastern European car fuse holder.

Fuse holder of the use of classification:
Panel mount fuse holder (used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifier, DVD, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);
Lead fuse holder (used for small household appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness connection);
PCB fuse holder (used for small appliances control panel) and fuse clips (used for small household appliances control panel).
Fuse holder selection according to the requirements of electrical equipment,Mainly to see the fuse current,Suitable for fuse tube size,Shape and properties.

all in all,In fact, the structure of the fuse holder has an important fuse,Fuse holders are resistant to current,Resistance to voltage, and fire rating requirements,Generally need to pass UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and the EU certification.
Fuse holder classification