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What is fuse ?

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fuse:Fuse is also known as current fuse,IEC127 standard it is defined as "fuse (fuse-link)".Its main role is current overload protection.
Fuse according to material classification:
Current fuse,Automotive Blade Fuse,PTC resettable fuse,Thermal fuse

Current fuse is: Fuse-links are made of relatively high resistivity and very low melting point, "lead-antimony alloy" or "silver-copper alloy wire"
Glass tube (ceramic tube), both ends of the copper cap package.
Common current fuse:Tubular fuse,SMD current fuse.

Automotive Blade Fuse:Engineering plastic shell,Wrapped with zinc or copper melt structure,Molten metal and pin connections.Car fuse fuse body is: "zinc tablets"

PTC Resettable Fuses:Also known as "million times fuse"Is an over-current electronic protection components,The use of polymer organic polymer in the high-pressure, high temperature, curing reaction conditions,After the conductive particle material is added,After a special process from processing.Conventional fuse overcurrent protection,Can only be protected once, burned out to be replaced,The self-recovery fuse with over-current thermal protection,Automatic recovery dual function.
Temperature fuse:Temperature fuse is also called thermal fuse (GB GB1616.1-2013),Is the temperature sensor, circuit cut device.There are two kinds of temperature fuse material:"Organic-type temperature fuse" and "fusible alloy wire temperature fuse."The thermal fuse senses the overheating of the electrical / electronic products during abnormal operation,Thus cutting off the circuit to avoid the occurrence of fire.Temperature fuse can only be protected once,Burned need to be replaced.
Current fuse