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What is Current Fuse Holder ?

文章出处:fuse factory Author:Yaxun Electronics Popularity: Time:2017-02-07 11:08 【Big Middle Small
     We have to understand the use of fuse blocks,We must first understand the fuse,"Fuse (fuse) is also known as the current fuse,When the circuit failure or abnormal,With the current rising,And the rise of the current may damage the circuit in some important devices or expensive equipment,Also may burn the circuit or even cause a fire.
      When the current exceeds the normal use of current,The fuse will blow,Electrical appliances will stop working,Because the insurance is a one-time use of protective components,After the fuse can not be used,We must manually, replace a fuse,Electrical appliances can be re-normal work "If the fuse directly welded to the circuit board,When the fuse blows,You can not replace the fuse,The entire device is discarded.Usually electrical appliances must be placed fuse device,That is: "the fuse holder."
       Fuse holder After replacing the fuse,To ensure that the circuit is normally powered "connection device."But also easy to replace the fuse of the "electronic accessories."
Fuse Holder Structure diagram